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At SIFH, we care about our fishermen and this is why we focus on providing our fishing fleet with the best performing, top-of-the-line tackle and gear at competitive prices.  Our fishermen are conveniently able to purchase quality commercial fishing gear, diesel, ice and boat supplies from our two locations. SIFH also distributes recreational fishing gear to serve the wider public.  

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SIFH carries a range of top-of-the line tackle and gear for both recreational and commercial fishing. As a regional distributor for major Korean tackle manufacturers as well as several reputable North American fishing gear brands, the SIFH Group acts as an authorised agent for many respected international lines.

New to fishing? Our team of experts is happy to help! 

Visit us at either of our two locations today: 

1. The Carenage

2. Grand Mal

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SIFH also distributes a variety of technical machinery required for commercial fishing vessels including John Deere Marine engines, hydraulic pumps and clutches, fishing line, buoys, snaps, sleeves, raincoats, aprons, batteries and more. 

We guarantee that our team of experts will be able to provide you with a solution no matter what the problem may be. 

SIFH supplies top-quality frozen bait at great prices! We also conveniently provide our fishermen with a variety of boat supplies such as non-perishable food products and cleaning supplies.

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SIFH's prime location, Grand Mal, has a jetty which allows fishermen to fill their boats with diesel before their journey. 

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At SIFH, we manufacture our own ice to ensure that fishermen can access it whenever they may need it. It is important that fish is iced right away which is why we offer ice delivery to all boats. This service not only makes the fishermen's life easier but ensures that the quality of the fish is the best it can be.