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Seafood, Grenada, SIFH, Spice Isle, industrial, Steel erection
Seafood, Grenada, SIFH, Spice Isle, industrial, drilling
SIFH Industrial Gases in Grenada

SIFH offers precise core drilling services, accommodating a wide range of specified sizes and depths of holes according to your needs. This technique may be used where accurate circular cuts are required in a variety of materials, including concrete, brick and asphalt amongst other industrial materials. 


At SIFH, our steel erection services focus on providing each customer with quality end-products whilst ensuring that safety is a priority. 

Rest assured, our skilled team will have the job successfully completed in a timely, efficient and professional manner. 

Serving as a verified supplier of Massy Gas from the island of Trinidad, we provide a range of various gases for soft drink dispensers, welding, as well as for medical and refrigeration purposes. The gases which we currently distribute include:

  - Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)

  - Nitrogen (N)

  - Argon (Ar)

  - Oxygen (O₂)

  - Acetylene (C₂H₂)

  - Ammonia (NH₃)

Steel Erection
Massy Gases

SIFH Group’s reliable Industrial sector provides quality diamond core drilling services and manages the steel erection of commercial buildings. SIFH Industrial is also a verified distributor for Massy Gas. With SIFH’s industrial experience and expertise, we provide dependable service and timely job completion.

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