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Yellowfin tuna, exports, Seafood, Spice Isle, SIFH Group, Hotel, Restuarant, Food Imports, Tackle and gear, marine, fishing, meat


SIFH is a Grenadian company founded in 2006. In the last 17 years, what began as a fish house with 14 staff members has quickly expanded to include a variety of sectors: Fish, Marine Gear, Food Imports and Industrial. Today, the company employs approximately 60 full-time employees . At SIFH we recognize that in order for our people, businesses and Grenada as a country to grow, we need to work as an excellent team internally as well as with our industry partners to grow and succeed together. This is why our priority is to provide local fishermen, businesses and the Grenadian people with the affordable, quality supplies and services that they need in order to succeed. 


 At SIFH, we are constantly looking for new ways to generate growth in Grenada, both by supporting and providing Grenadians with the services and supplies they need and by sharing one of Grenada’s greatest assets with foreign countries - its fresh fish and seafood.

- to grow Grenada

- to make our customers' lives easier

- to constantly provide the superb quality our customers deserve

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