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At SIFH, we focus on providing top-of-the-line tackle and gear at competitive prices, catering to both recreational fishermen and commercial vessels. As a regional distributor for major Korean tackle manufacturers as well as several reputable North American fishing gear brands, the SIFH Marine acts as an authorised agent for many respected international lines.


SIFH also carries technical machinery required for the Commercial Fishing vessels including John Deere Marine engines, hydraulic pumps, clutches and more. SIFH also sells diesel, frozen bait, non-perishable food, cleaning supplies and manufactures ice to sell to the boats.  

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SIFH Group’s reliable Industrial sector provides quality diamond core drilling services and manages the steel erection of commercial buildings. 


With SIFH’s industrial experience and expertise, we’ve got dependable service and timely job completion under our belt. 

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SIFH is well-known as the Caribbean's largest buyer and exporter of fresh yellowfin tuna, ​​straight from our prime Grenadian waters. Our

high-quality tuna is purchased from licensed fishing vessels in Grenada and exported to the U.S markets including New York's 'Fulton Seafood Market', Boston's famous 'Boston Fish Pier' and Miami. 

At SIFH, we also purchase by-catch fish for both local and regional sales from commercial fishing vessels. Our group's commitment to deliver the freshest fish possible by developing advanced technologies in product handling, packaging and transportation has always been the forefront in our company.

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SIFH, Food, Grenada, food Imports, meat, lamb, pork, chicken, foodservice, Seafood

SIFH imports and distributes an array of products including frozen seafood, meats, cheeses, fries, dry canned goods, napkins and other paper products. Our goal is to ensure that local businesses are well-equipped with their required stock at reasonable prices - if you need it, we source it! 

SIFH's reliable delivery service makes its rounds twice a day, guaranteeing that all ordered items arrive as promptly as possible.

SIFH, Grenada, Steel erection, drilling, rebar, construction, Industrial
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Fish House




Grenada Imports




SIFH is a multiservice company in Grenada made up of four individual sectors: Fish, Marine, Imports and Industrial. SIFH began primarily as a fish house in 2006 but has grown quickly over the years to provide Grenadians with a wide variety of much-needed services. 

At SIFH, our promise is to respond to the needs of both local and international customers, constantly seeking new ways to provide innovative products and services in the most efficient manner. 

SIFH Group - St. George's, Grenada

Locations : Grand Mal / Carenage / Woodlands

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1718, Grand Anse

Email Us at:

Sales Tel: (473) 435-7122

Accounts Tel: (473) 435-7123

Fax: (473) 435-7124

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